I'm lame, I know.

Hi, my  name is Michelle and I suck at blogging.

The funny thing is that now that I have a laptop I don't even blog! What gives? Anywho, I've been busy. Doing?

...yes, the hours still BLOW.

...he turned 2 on Sunday. I have a blog planned for that. Yes, it might be a little wah-wah. Deal. We had crazy appointments on Tuesday: Neuro appt, Speech therapy and then Occupational therapy. And oh yeah, these appointments are in 3 different towns. Yesterday was ST and then a shit load of labs.

And oh yeah, he was re-diagnosed. Another blog.

...aka Carlos. He came into town. I "ruined his life" and then drank half a bottle of wine.

I am *this close* to ripping my hair out and leaving my job. But alas, I'm still miserably employed.

Maybe after I sleep a little tomorrow I'll post something meaningful. Or maybe not.

Anywho, I'm alive and didn't forget. So much to say and no way to say it.