I've always had something to say, even when I really should've kept my mouth shut. In fact, this is still an everyday battle for me. I remember dining on soap many times as a child for my colorful vocabulary. I still speak like a sailor. Fortunately, I've developed a taste for Dial.

I like to think that I'm somewhat eloquent, moreso via written word than speech most times. I've never successfully taken to blogging but have decided to do so for a few reasons, namely peer pressure. That's right, everyone else has blogs and I settle for my 140 character microblogging.
Sorry Twitter, but I must bust these chains! Not to mention I am a tad "wordy" if you will. I can talk forever. And ever.

Moving on.

Mainly, there are so many different and distinctive facets of my life. I just need to let everything out. I need an audience, even if it is just my friends that read my blog out of obligation. We all know that I have the eternal rain cloud over my head. Rest assured this blog will not be just an emo rant or a Debbie Downer's paradise.

I am going to discuss Vincent's Autism, a lot. In fact, maybe too much for some people's liking. At this point in my life, that is the only thing that matters. Every day is a new battle, every day is a new heartbreak, every day is a new triumph. I want to share that with everyone. And truly, there needs to be more awareness. Early intervention is crucial.

I'll talk about my adventures in relationships and dating...if that's what you'd even call it. And trust me, I have fun stories...like how I have paparazzi. That story ends with vomit.
Of course, there will be some of my job in there. When you work in law enforcement there is always a story to tell. For instance, an inmate told me tonight that he's a lot like Charles Manson, they're "kindred spirits." So comforting.

Don't fret, I enjoy fun things as well. I love shoes, jewelry making, video games, and chocolate. Oh yes, and any kind of retail therapy.

Bringing my maiden post a close, I hope you'll stick around. Please comment and email.

And by the way, it's a working title. I'm definitely open to suggestions.


Ashley said...

YAY! I'm so glad you started this. I bet it will help you to vent your frustration and talk about V.

P.s. love the new jewlery!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to get my necklaces!! Glad you're following me. :)