I lied.

Surprised? I'm not. I am the world's biggest procrastinator, ever. Period.
No, I haven't blogged. No, I'm not famous or even have double digit readers. Who can blame y'all? There's nothing to read. As of current, I have no reason to go to any blogger conventions because I'm not even a blogger. Oh well. To my few (but super important readers), here's an update.

After an issue that happened quite suddenly, I made the long trek to Dallas and brought back a few souveniers: my mother and younger brother. Oh yeah, and by bring back I mean they moved in with me. As in permanently.

Yes, I'm serious. No, I wasn't high.

Since I now have family plus two, there was a need for a larger house. Enter stage left, next major event.

I have a house. A big one, a bigger one than I would have under any other circumstances. I'm excited and overwhelmed but happy. I have an ACRE yard. Yes, literally an acre. Vincent goes apeshit! It's perfect and wonderful. Someday I'll stop being a deadbeat and post pictures. PS, it's orange. Wowza.
I'm going to change Vincent's name. It's going to be hyphenated, my maiden name and his dad's last name. Surprisingly, Carlos agreed.

By the way, ugh. Visitation/custody arguments suck.

This evening I finished all of my paperwork to go back to school. Now for that shit I must be smoking crack. Unfortunately, I'm once again completely sober. I never thought I'd be studying medicine. As all of my fellow moms know, kids change everything. Keep your fingers crossed that I can figure out how to get enough financial aid/student loans to go to school full time.

So this is my two minute 3:30am post so I can say I blogged. I don't feel quite so dirty now.

I've thought out things I've wanted to talk about but feel dirty doing so without updating about anything else. Isn't that who I am though? I'll be completely AWOL forever and just come out of the woodwork, rambling 100 mph about something. I've written the buffer post. I can say some real shit now.
I promise I'll try to be better and write. Keyword: TRY.